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Phase II

Focus groups and 1::1 key interviews with service providers

This phase of the study asks the following questions:

  1. To what extent is there a shared understanding of older women’s support needs amongst the range of service providers and older female victims/survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)?
  2. How does the age, gender and health of these women figure in the identification and support of IPV by service providers?
  3. How can the identification of IPV in older women and their ongoing support be improved?

You have been asked to consider participating in the study as your work brings you into contact with older women who maypossibly be a victim/survivor of domestic abuse. We would like to explore your thoughts and possible experiences around dealing with domestic abuse in this age group. 

You can withdraw from the study without having to give a reason, at any point before or up to when the recording of the session has started, after which withdrawal will not be possible. This is because your data is part of the ongoing conversationand cannot be destroyed. The researcher will try to disregard your views when analysing the focus group data, but this will not always be possible. 

This part of the study would involve you participating in either a one-off focus group with other professionals/service providers or a 1::1 interview. You do not have to have had experience with women who have been through abuse to participate. Both will take place online and should take no longer than an hour. The researcher will guide the group discussion/interview and it will be very informal. The researcher asks that you arrive about 15 minutes before the focus group starts and you have the option to remain behind after the end of the session for a debrief should you feel that you need this. 

The researcher will need to video record the focus group so that she is able to watch and listen repeatedly to what is being said. This footage will be deleted upon completion of the study. 

The research will be written up into a final report and a summary will be presented at local events and published in relevant professional journals. 

There is the possibility that the focus group may initiate upsetting feelings for you.

If this should happen here is a list of contact details attached where local, specialist support can be sought. 

You may not derive any benefit from participating in this study. You may possibly find it helpful to have an opportunity outside your work environment, to reflect upon your practice alongside other professionals. 

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Phase II


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Phase II